The Great Wall was the highlight by foamroll
October 22nd, 2018, 9:27 pm
I stayed in Xian for 2 nights and that was more than enough time.Beijing

I flew to China with Scandinavian Airways via Copenhagen on the 15th September, 2005.
Tiananmen Tower is the entrance into the Forbidden City, You pay a small fee to walk around the Tower, and its really worth doing because you get some great photographs from this vantage point with the square behind you.
I stayed in the Bell Tower Hotel which was centrally located, the hotel wasnt as nice as the Plaza and the staff were very slow, but the rooms were very nice with the usual Tea/Coffee making Facilities, T. The only down side was they served one dish at a time and the last dish to be served was the rice. At the entrance to the wall there are lots of restaurants and coffee bars and plenty of stalls selling clothes and fake designer wares. There are loads of cafes and bars outside the silk market, its great sitting outside because you can have a great crack with the locals trying to sell you odds and ends and the atmosphere was really good. When I got out of the Airport the taxis were all lined up and our taxi was a V.
Tiananmen Square was my next stop, there is quite a big police presence here, there are also lots of locals trying to sell you souvenirs and they tend to follow you around, I think that is one of the reasons there is quite a big police presence.
The Centre of Xian is very new; there are loads of designer shops which are very expensive.
On day two our driver picked us up as arranged, even though he couldnt speak a word of English there was a lot of sign language and laughing going on, and we all got on very well.V with satellite channels and lounge area, the breakfast was self service and very nice. China values tourists therefore it is a very serious crime if you commit an offence against a Tourist, knowing this makes you feel quite safe walking around. It was a 25min transfer from the Airport to the Hotel.P. He drove us to the Terracotta Soldiers and found us an English speaking guide, the guide was with us for over 2 hours and he only charged us 14 euros in total, needless to say we gave him a huge tip. I have to say considering the language barrier, the Chinese are the friendliest people you could ever meet they really cant do enough for you.travelnet. This was a fantastic hotel which included an indoor swimming pool and a Gym, sauna and massage, it also offers a baby sitting service, a business centre and most importantly to any Chinese person, a karaoke bar.
The Great Wall was the highlight for me; the wall is very steep in places if you have trouble walking you can get cable cars that take you over the wall.It took about an hour and a half to walk the length of the Forbidden City, you go in one end and out the other.
I spent four nights in Beijing, which was just right. car, we were all really tired so we just got into it thinking we were going to be fleeced, but it was so cheap we hired the Driver and car for the next two days. The grounds around the museum are spectacular, surrounded by mountains and countryside. Its amazing how quick you can learn to use chopsticks when youre hungry. I lost about a stone in weight from the taxi ride and needed a good few drinks to calm the nerves when I returned to my hotel.
I traveled to the Great Wall by taxi, it took about 30 minutes from the centre of Beijing, the driver will wait for you, this is quite cheap if there are a few of you to share the fare, we passed the new Disneyland that is being built for the 2007 Olympics. Eating out is mainly fast foods, the likes of McDonalds will cost you 2 euros for a meal, there are loads of stalls in the old part of Xian selling hot food but you wouldnt know what you would be eating.
Some parts of Beijing I found quite sleazy in the evenings, and there is a lot of poverty there, plus the sanitary conditions in the bars leaves a lot to be desired. Our first port of call was Beijing. We found a Chinese restaurant that opened 24 hrs a day and the food was

. This took around 1hr and 45 mins, you get a small meal and tea and coffee on board. Xian is not a place to shop; you would only go there to see The Terracotta Soldiers.


I traveled with Air China from Beijing to Xian.
The silk market is the best place to shop in Beijing, you get great Massage ball copies dirt cheap but you have to haggle. One of the two Guys who found the Soldiers lives across the road from the museum and lives a very simple life; he visits the museum quite often. The food in the hotel was excellent and there was music most nights, the staff really looked after you, apparently when staff are taken on at most of the hotels they are all given English names, its quite strange calling a Chinese man James or Frederick. A deposit is needed for the tape and earphones but they will accept your hotel key as a guarantee.
Entry into the Forbidden City was around 15 euros, I paid for the slightly dearer entrance fee because you were given a tape and earphones, so every part of the forbidden palace you entered was explained .

In summary a great trip organized by Barter Travel in Cork www.
Before you enter the Forbidden City there is a huge courtyard with various stalls and souvenirs for sales, you can also dress up in authentic Chinese attire and have your photographs taken, this is really worth doing, the photograph is covered with a hard plastic covering with the date printed on the bottom and its really cheap, around 4 euros for two photographs. Taxis are fine for short journeys but for long distance I would recommend alternative transport, reason being they drive very fast and very close to other traffic, I was in about four near accidents.
The hotel was local enough, but with the Taxis being so cheap it didnt really matter, average taxi fares were 2 to 3 euros.I. I stayed in the Central Plaza which is owned by Holiday Inn. Every so often during the day, people go around on stilts dressed in various disguises and you can pose for a few photographs.